Helping You

I believe each person is a work of art: unique and individual, no two people are the same.

My course of treatment and therapy for each person is tailored to individual needs. I consult with your health care providers if needed.

I have treated patients as young as age two, and those well into their 90s. Your health needs change throughout your life and your mental health needs do as well.

I work closely with pediatric physicians, primary care providers and other medical and mental health professionals.

I provide psychotherapy and psychopharmacology services for:

For People 50+

As we age, our health – and our mental health – may be challenged. The demands of career and family that come with maturity are added to our growing health needs and often leave little time for introspection. We can …

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The emotional, physical, cultural and parental life of today’s woman puts greater demands on well-being . I can help you feel and function at your best as we focus on the psychology of the self – everything that makes you …

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Dr. Arlene Kevonian helps men with depression and other anxiety or mood disorders find ways to feel and function at their best.Some areas of specialty include:Anxiety disordersMood disordersDepression and bipolar disordersAttention deficit disordersObsessive compulsive disordersI also provideIndividual,therapyMarriage issues consultationTrauma and …

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I have a special interest in helping students of all ages, especially college students and post-graduate professionals. School signals change and growth and excitement for the future. Mental health treatment can help you feel better and thrive when your life …

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I have special training in child and adolescent psychiatry. I have treated children as young as age two and enjoy helping children with a wide range of needs. As children grow to adolescence and eventually to adulthood they may experience …

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